List of Documents Needed

Following is a list of documents we need you to gather for the purposes of financing your mortgage.  Please let us know what questions you have.  Thank you!    

List of Documents (LOD)
____ Copy of driver's license 
____ Copy of Social Security Card (IF FHA)
____ Last two paystubs
____ 2015 W-2
____ 2014 W-2
____ 2015 Tax Return or Extension - ALL PAGES 
____ 2014 Tax Return - ALL PAGES  
____ Last two checking/savings statements - ALL PAGES
____ Last two investment account statements - ALL PAGES   
____ Mortgage statements for all mortgages on all properties owned
____ Homeowners insurance invoices for all properties owned
____ Homeowners association invoice for all properties owned (as applicable)
If Purchase:
____ Purchase Agreement (including all exhibits, addendums, and amendments) 
____ Earnest Money Check
____ Homeowners Insurance Quote from teh agent you'll be using

If Self-Employed:
____ 2015 Corporate Tax Returns or Extension - ALL PAGES
____ 2014 Corporate Tax Returns OR Extension - ALL PAGES
____ YTD Profit & Loss Statement - signed and dated

If VA:
____ Pest Inspection (purchase only)
____ VA from DD214
____ VA disabilty/benefit letter
____ VA lump sum disablity check
If Retired:
____ Proof SS will continue for 3 yrs (if under retirement age)
____ Social Security Awards Letter and/or Pension Letter 
____ 3 months of bank statements to show SS and/or Pension
If Divorced:
____ ALL PAGES of Divorce Settlement Agreement (signed) & Final Divorce Decree ALL PAGES
____ 3 months of bank statements to show Child Support and/or Alimony (If applicable)  

If Using gift funds:
____ Gift letter (provided by SCMG)
____ Bank statement from person giving gift to show ability to gift  

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