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Borrower Not Getting Approved?

Do you ever have a home buyer that seems qualified for a mortgage loan but there is a specific hiccup that is preventing them from getting approved?

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Who We Are

Hi! We are Shelby Pennix and Greg Spencer, the owners of Southern Capital Mortgage Group (SCMG). Our mission is to provide quick, reliable answers for your unique mortgage situations.

We are mortgage brokers and bankers.

We work with over 20 of the top mortgage lenders in the country.

We have experience, are great communicators and have a proactive loan processing approach.


We are Southern Capital Mortgage Group.

No scenario is too off the wall or bizarre - so ask away!

All you have to do is email us at greg@scmgonline.com with the details of your client’s situation.

Who We Help

We value any and all clients you place in our hands. Give us a shot and you will see the way lending should be done when you have the right team!

We work best with restaurant servers, 1099 employees, jumbo loans, depleted savings, not your average loans, foreign nationals, non permanent residents, investor loans (loans by the dozen) and many more.